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After 17 years in the corporate landscape, within financial services across various disciplines, working with Financial Planners, Stock Brokers, Accountants and Mortgage Brokers, I am super excited to announce the launch of Mortgage Advice Australia.

Primarily designed to assist clients through the finance, lender, bank maze, but also to assist Planners and like-minded Accountants, grow their client offerings by incorporating finance as part of their Client Value Proposition and overall wealth creation strategies.

An MAA Website and Client Reference Centre is almost ready to be released, which will assist with education, administration and processes to accompany MAA’s mission.

“To provide clients and business partners a first-class finance experience, which both educates and complements their financial and lifestyle goals”

Don’t hesitate to contact me for a coffee to discuss in more detail.

Live Long and Prosper

David Robertson Dip FP, FMBM, AIMM
Finance Adviser – Principal
Em: david@mortgageadviceaustralia.com.au
Mb: 0419 193 610